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The Art and Science of 3d Design

3d design is becoming a leading science in the architecture of our world. Every facet of modern culture is somehow impacted by it. I take an interest in most aspects of 3d design. This site is my main hub where I license out my 3d works including stock models, software utilities for designers, as well as game supplies.

My 3d Work

3d Works Include:

Mascots • Animation • Game Design • Designer Resources • Stock images

Tools of the Trade

I work in Blender 3d, Zbrush, and Unity. My main programming languages are Python, C#, and occasionally PHP. Most designer resources I produce are created through and available in these mediums.

Production Workflow

My tools include:

Blender 3d • Zbrush • Unity 3d • Adobe Creative Suite • Python • C# • PHP • Django • WordPress