3D Crab Monster: The Rikayon, Creature Design Update

//3D Crab Monster: The Rikayon, Creature Design Update

3D Crab Monster: The Rikayon, Creature Design Update


Here is the latest creature design update on the Rikayon. Soon the 3d model will be available on this site, and the animated game asset will be available on the Unity 3d Asset Store.

I make no secret concerning my inspiration: Starcraft’s Zerg and Fallout 4’s “Mirelurk” family of creatures, besides my love for insects in general. But, it must also be admitted, both of those companies trace back their inspiration to other sources that are quite easy to identify. I find this particular creature structure to be fascinating: Shielded head, sword hands, thorny carapace, and so forth.

Crabs and Insects Inspire my 3d Design

Sci-fi alien design aside, I think the natural world of insects schools us best in matters of parasitism, hunting, social subversion, and other things that make up the ingredients of a good Sci-fi alien. Truth is stranger than fiction. I love creature design, but I suspect if the natural systems of our earth could speak to us, it would say we lack imagination.

After a few days of animating and product assembly, I will be able to put this up for sale on my website, and then keep it up to date with other innovations. So here is yet another mascot added to the arsenal.

See the video here:




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