3D Termite — Models and Illustrations

//3D Termite — Models and Illustrations

3D Termite — Models and Illustrations

Introducing the Dampwood termite. This 3d termite series was created with care for accuracy and simplicity. Because it is a sort of swarming creature I had to keep the polygon count low in the case that dozens (or hundreds) of models might be used in a shot or animation.

To obtain the stock images of the 3d termite, see these links:

To obtain the 3d model, see this link:

3d Termite — Biologically Accurate

Designing an insect in 3d is a challenge because of the small size. Quite often I found myself having to look at scientific photos taken with an electron microscope just to determine the details of the form. During the creation process I learned a few interesting facts:

  • Termites are related to roaches.
  • Termites only digest wood with the help of microbes living in their bodies.
  • Termites build the largest nest of any insect.
  • With this particular version, the Dampwood 3d Termite, the younger (white) termites are generally the workers, whereas the older (orange, hardened) termites are the soldiers.

3d Termite Native Rendering Scene

Dampwood Termite Soldier Side View 3d Illustration Render

The 3d termite depicted here renders at high quality using the Blender 3d file available with the download. The render might take a bit of time based on the power of your computer. It can also be sped up by deferring the rendering process to your graphics card. The scene is a typical product-shot scene.

3d Termite Uses

The use of this 3d termite series includes but is not limited to:

  • Educational material.
  • Advertizing pest control services.
  • Movies / Documentaries.
  • General artistic needs.

If you have any questions about the termite images or models, please contact me.




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