Aliens – I am not a “Believer”

//Aliens – I am not a “Believer”

Aliens – I am not a “Believer”

I Want to Believe (in aliens) – X Files

With all of the alien images on my site, one might be wondering if the artist who created them is wearing a tin foil hat. These aliens were actually a project I had done in Zbrush for a very specific reason: Zbrush is a great tool for making monsters! Yep, zbrush is mostly for scary stuff.

I can assure you, I do not “believe” in aliens. However, I do find their form and assumed visual appearance very fascinating. My position on the subject is still nonetheless strange by modern estimation.

I had taken an interest in producing an alien and human-hybrid series of images. In doing so, I found my internet research wandering the darker and more radical corners of modern pseudo-science.

So what is this alien phenomenon all about? How has it ingrained itself so deeply into the worldview of society? Depending on your beliefs, the answer might disturb you a little. I admit, I’m a bit more thick-skinned in these matters — but this much I can say — once you probe the insanity of the matter you find a very sane, and very dark reality behind this mass-hysteria of aliens.

I Want to Believe Be Objective

As with anything having to do with Aliens, our journey does not begin in Roswell, 1947. Technically it starts in the late 1800’s. I’d rather start with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, more recent. For those of you who have not heard of Giorgio, he’s a modern new-age-authority in alien pop-culture. I’ve included a picture of him below, and for comparison’s sake, I’ve included another pop-culture icon also known for radical ideas — Albert Einstein. Note the visual similarities.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos VS Albert Einstein

We compare these pictures not only for the sake of being humorous, but to illustrate a point. Modern philosophers, scientists, and anyone of intellectual authority are generally expected to have disheveled hair. So we see that our preconceptions are played upon visually before the radical ideas are voiced — either by a scientist or pseudoscientist.

Likewise, the Alien hysteria has also introduced itself to us by playing upon our preconceptions. Just as Giorgio can step up his intellect by a choice in hairstyle, the gods  ( demons, Christian worldview )  of the ancient world can re-introduce themselves by a quick visual make-over. A visual attraction that tailors to our modern preconceptions. Here is another comparison, for humor’s (and point’s) sake:

Ancient Aliens or Modern Gods?

Ancient Aliens or Modern Gods?

As the above picture humorously illustrates, the ancient world could be seduced by playing upon their worldviews at their time. In short: The imagery catered to their bias. The same is true of our modern, cute, Gray Aliens.

Now if you follow the rabbit-hole of modern alien doctrine to all the radical places it leads, you will find yourself in some truly strange places.

You will also find another interesting thread woven throughout the subject: With all the supposed technological superiority of aliens, they only seem to speak through modern psychics, or people of other psycha-oriented talents. By choosing this channel of communication, our alleged alien “friends” demonstrate that they are no different than ghosts, spirits, and gods who communicate the same way.

Let’s zoom in on Giorgio’s bling here to underscore a point:

Alien psuedoscience is a new-age deception.

Obviously, the clothes make the man. Like if we want to go for a job interview at a law firm, we don’t dress like this. We might wear a suit and tie, and if we are really smart and modern, we might wear some nice black heavy-rimmed glasses. The alien crowd, however, seems to gravitate to the new-age style of crystals, beads, and draping clothing. Just sayin’…

Some Professionals in the Aliens Exist Field

But…you say, not all new-agers look like this. And there are some truly down-to-earth alien believers. Not everyone who believes in aliens dresses like a modern Helena Blavatsky.

You might be right. Two people that explored the alien phenomenon while maintaining a semi-professional approach (not to mention attire) were John E Mac and Steven M Greer.

John Mac took a methodical and professional approach to the phenomenon. He had interviewed about 200 patients who claimed UFO abduction. It was costly for his professional career, costing him respect and credibility, but he did make some headway. His methods were not without the use of hypnotism (aka, charming, by ancient terminology).

Dr. Greer is another interesting figure. In the movie Serius (documentary concerning the Atacama alien baby skeleton) narrated by him, we find a more professionally delivered discourse on the subject. In fact, it would not be hard to picture Dr. Greer playing Golf with the guys at CERN on his off-time. But once again, we find the use of psychics and seances in the movie. Not exactly the scientific approach, if you ask me.

The point here is that regardless of professional image or approach, all roads lead to the occult when it comes to aliens.

So Are Aliens Real or Not?

Yes and no. They are as real as the ancient gods. Were the ancient gods real? How do you define real? This is where worldview factors in. But its not hard to see how the modern Gray Alien could easily become the god of the modern athiest, proving how skillfully tailored the deception really is.

It is no surprise that the alien following has become so great. We can’t be too hard on those who choose to believe in aliens. After all, we are surrounded by modern imagery from Star Trek to Star Wars to Giger’s Alien. There are movies like Stephen Spielberg’s “Close Encounters” that suggest more than fiction. We find ourselves going from fiction to  questionable reality in the realms of the new-age movement. And of course, we find our modern scientists always talking about extraterrestial life in a more slippery but safely evasive manner.

I find that CERN — a modern icon of scientific pursuit — has been honest with us in a subtle and equally visual way. Here is their chosen mascot:

Science is not as athiestic as it purports.

Shiva, goddess of destruction. Monument at CERN.

Even modern science, in its own ambiguous language, speaks as the writers of the X Files:

I Want to Believe

… in aliens.

I Just Like Cool Drawings

As for me, I’m something of an explorer. I like to understand. My artistic journey in creating these aliens has produced some interesting finds. I’ve learned the evolution our modern culture and the phenemons behind our perception of reality. “Aliens” do not come from above. They come from below…

I do not believe in aliens, but it must be admitted they have a fascinating appearance. My hope is that these images are used in the debunking context of the subject.

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All images in this article are either from my own portfolio or public domain sources.

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