Where Can I Find Free VR (Virtual Reality) Animations?

//Where Can I Find Free VR (Virtual Reality) Animations?

Where Can I Find Free VR (Virtual Reality) Animations?

Here is a series of free VR animations featuring an orange man walking on a generic virtual reality treadmill. They illustrate the concept of virtual reality in a simple to recognize way.

Sometimes simplicity in presentation is best. This is where the Orange Man shines. He is able to illustrate a variety of concepts in a way more complex than a basic icon without sacrificing simplicity of design. He is a great alternative to a complex photo or

Man Walking on VR Treadmill

Here is a looping animation of an orange man walking on a treadmill, basic arms-up pose. He has a slightly mechanical gait that is visually interesting.

Download it here for free: https://www.lb3d.co/product/free-3d-animation-vr-treadmill-man-walking-arms/

Man Walking Freely with VR Headset Only

This one depicts a man walking freely with a virtual reality visor without use of a treadmill. Same walk animation, except in this one his arms are down.

Get the free download here: https://www.lb3d.co/product/3d-animation-vr-headset-orange-man-walking/

Man walking on VR Treadmill with Arms Down

Lastly, here is a variation of the orange man walkign on the virtual reality treadmill with his arms downward, in a relaxed manner.

Also available as a free download: https://www.lb3d.co/product/animation-orange-man-vr-treadmill/

Some notes on use:

These animations are free for use, but they are copyrighted and not in the public domain. No attribution is required, but be sure to use within the terms of the following User End License Agreement: https://www.lb3d.co/site-terms-and-user-end-license-agreement/

In a nutshel, you may use this in various forms of electronic media and include them in your video editing, but you may not resell or redistrute them as stock or promotional downloads.


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