Creature Design: The Rikayon

//Creature Design: The Rikayon

Creature Design: The Rikayon

Here is a creature from the depths of the Abzu itself. It comes to the surface to hunt, and to drag it’s findings back to its underwater home.

This is a game design but will be made for general use.

The name Rikayon comes from the book of Jashar. Rikayon was a poor wise man who, through his cunning, subverted the Egyptian government of the time and became its ruler.  Despite his craftiness and the way he took advantage of the people, they still loved him. The king called him Pharoah, as it is written in Jashar:

…and the king told Rikayon that his name should be Pharaoh because he extracted a tax from the dead.

When the king died, Rikayon (Pharoah) took his place. The people insisted that all kings thereafter would be called “Pharoah”.

Rikayon was a professional leech. This creature is named after him — a robber that comes up from the depths to abduct creatures (and people) for food in its underground kingdom.

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