FAQ 2017-10-22T04:33:28+00:00
Where can I download pictures of AO-Maru the friendly robot mascot? 2017-10-22T04:31:16+00:00

You can find the entire AO-Maru collection here: http://www.stock.lb3d.co/portfolio/category/ao-maru-robot/

Where can I download images of the Orange Man by Leo Blanchette? 2017-10-22T04:31:16+00:00
Why are your stock images on a separate subdomain, stock.lb3d.co? 2017-10-22T04:31:16+00:00

The stock image store is simplified for easy search and categorization, besides a multitude of other small details related to maintaining a decent stock image catalog. All purchases, however, are done through the main lb3d.co store.

Are you available for custom projects and assignments? 2017-10-22T04:31:16+00:00

Most of my effort goes into creating stock graphics and models. Occassionally I do have time for custom work. You may contact me to check my availability.

How are your illustrations, graphics, and models priced? 2017-10-22T04:31:16+00:00
  • Stock images are priced to allow you the broadest useage rights possible.
  • Stock models are priced according to complexity, rarity, and established branding power associated with them.
  • Free content is available throughout the site, and the same generous EULA still applies.
  • Graphics collections are priced according to bulk discounts.


How may I use models and images I purchase here? 2017-10-22T04:31:16+00:00

All useage rights and terms and rights to purchased content are mentioned here: http://www.lb3d.co/site-terms-and-user-end-license-agreement/

If you have questions or concerns on content useage, please contact Leo Blanchette: http://www.lb3d.co/contact/

Where can I contact Leo Blanchette? 2017-10-22T04:31:16+00:00

You can contact Leo Blanchette here: http://www.lb3d.co/contact/