Mascot Design by Leo Blanchette – An Overview

/Mascot Design by Leo Blanchette – An Overview
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I Take Mascot and Character Design Seriously.

See the slideshow above for examples of mascots I do.

My particular style in mascot design is to ensure that the character conveys professionalism while at the same time having endearing qualities. Or, if the situation necessitates, hostile or creepy qualities. Or even haunting qualities. Character design is a special art form.

I look to nature for guidance. There is a diverse amount of personality in nature, and watching the behavior and appearance of various animals will reveal extreme examples of the core qualities all creatures know understand from instinct.

Mascot design, particularly in robotics, allows us to test and apply what we know of the qualities of sentient beings so that we can make a suitable imitation of those qualities for whatever purpose we have in mind.

In my own design habits, I either have a minimalist style (such as with the Orange People) or a very detailed style (such as the Aliens). In both cases, we appeal to different instincts of the viewer. When a character design is successful, its useful in the daily application of teaching, narrating, sales, etc, and can be reused in many different contexts.

Alien Sighting Mascot

Purpose Driven Creativity

Presently I am only displaying the mascots I’ve designed for my own portfolio. While I’ve done many custom mascots for a diverse range of people and companies, I’ve decided to showcase only these illustrations to keep the inspiration rooted on my own creations.

Often people will come to me asking for a variant of a mascot I’ve done in the past. While this is possible, I find its more beneficial to the client to keep things as uniquely inspired as possible. Sometimes people will get excited on the first sketches I produce, and other times they will go through a longer process to find what works for them. In the vast majority of cases, we end up with a mascot that everyone loves.

The Mascot Design Process

See the slideshow above for examples of mascots I do.

In the past when I created custom mascots, I would deliver final renders and source files to the client. While this was certainly a valuable service, not all customers are familiar with 3d software, and not everyone can afford to hire me or another designer every time they need more content generated from the models.

Thus I have refined the process a bit by bringing the mascot into an adapted game engine, thus allowing the client to pose and render their mascot through an easy interface. This new approach, as of 2017, was successfully carried out with a client who ended up being very happy with the outcome. I have decided to keep this as my approach for all future projects.

The Mascot Creation Process

  • Determine the idea.

  • Create sketches, hand or digital.

  • Study and refine ideas with client.

  • Finalize sketches and ideas with client.

  • Begin the mascot.

  • Update client and make adjustments along development.

  • Complete main model and rigs.

  • Implement into specialized game engine for customer’s posing and rendering convenience.

  • Deliver finished mascot and software package complete with source files.

Contact me for more information and availability.

The process of design is generally a happy one full of adventure when it is done right and everyone knows what is expected. Just be determined and patient, and you will end up with your own mascot that you will call your baby. 😉