AO-Maru 3d Robot: Design Reboot

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AO-Maru 3d Robot: Design Reboot


3d Robot AO-Maru rebuilt. This reboot is for the more modern use of game graphics and virtual reality. See videos and description below for an overview of the model’s detail and use.


This is primarily a low-poly game ready 3d Robot model, optimized for on-demand rendering such as in a game environment. The default file renders in Blender Internal (not cycles) for reasons of simplicity and compatibility.



Below is an example of the character used in a game environment. Please note that this model does not include animations. In the video below, default animations were supplied in adapting the character to VRChat.



If you are using this character as a personal avatar in a game, you may use it for yourself, but not redistribute the model as per the user end license agreement


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