Professional Parasite – 3d Character for Activism

//Professional Parasite – 3d Character for Activism

Professional Parasite – 3d Character for Activism

Get the 3d model here:

Today I finished the intro video for my character called the Professional Parasite. See below:


Darkness for Light

It’s socially acceptable to look back on the dark ages and condemn various evils of that era and society. It is not socially acceptable to speak out against our modern darkness, however. Our modern darkness is an enlightenment to most today, and to speak out against it hurts people’s feelings, and that is bad. The family court system, crooked lawyers, the proliferation of cult leaders, and general acceptance of madness in place of reason — future generations will look back at us as the standard of evil. We will be a well-documented case of highly advanced mass-hysteria.

I’m not one for silence, and I take a special pleasure in exposing evil — hence I’ve created the perfect mascot for anti-corruption activism: The Professional Parasite.

This is first of all created for general activism against exploitation. Use this model to raise awareness of corruption in high places. It is useful to generate this model to be strategically superimposed into photographs with public figures, exploitive psychiatrists, gurus, corrupt lawyers, wheeler-dealers, hucksters, fraudsters, and other high-ranking bottom dwellers actively destroying what is left of society’s dignity.

Tomorrow I will be uploading this and it’s my personal hope that this character finds widespread use in warring against society’s most prominent social parasites, from cults such as the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses all the way to family court lawyers and pseudo-science brain-damaging cultists we today call psychiatrists.

If you are offended at this model, I would invite you to look into the history of your profession and reassess what you are contributing to society.

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