Professional Parasite / Leech Free Images (Transparent PNG)

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Professional Parasite / Leech Free Images (Transparent PNG)

This mascot is called the Professional Parasite. Get the full 3d model:

I have created a 3d mascot for activism against exploitation such as cults and evil business practices. These days corruption is becoming the law, and confusion is becoming the new rationale. I was thus inspired to create a mascot that symbolizes the sort of people that capitolize at the expense of others in business, law, and health.These images are on transparent PNGs. If you wish to render more custom poses (such as you might wish to superimpose into an existing photograph of some corrupt politition, hehe) then you may wish to download the 3d model mascot itself. Get it here.

You are free to use the below images any way you wish, minding the End User License Agreement. Let me know what you use them for. Enjoy.



Would you like the full collection of largescale (4000 x 4000) images? See this collection:

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