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//The Puggo’s World Mods

The Puggo’s World Mods

Recently I took a detour and created a large array of game mods for the game Unturned. It was an interesting project. While cute-ish zombie games are not my first choice of subject matter, I did take an interest in the mod-ability of the game. It was a project I used to kick-start my youtube channel. I introduce myself according to the game character “Puggo” but … its me. Its just cooler to say Puggo. Anything sounds cool when incorporating pugs.

All of these mods were made using Blender 3d (for the models) and Unity 3d (for game inclusion).

Here are some of the creations that came out of that project:

The Sea Pug

Based on the sea duck from Disney’s Tailspin, the “Sea Pug” is a flying fortress of the sea. Below is the intro video I had created on it. If you search youtube for “Sea pug puggo mod” you will find a few popular fan videos on it as well.

Alot of people shouted “false advertising” because, as it turned out, there was actually a plane bigger than this one.

Another Unturned Sunrise

Using Unturned as a movie stage, I created a movie that showcased the collection of mods I had created. The movie is a cute but tragic story of a lone-survivor who is plagued with loneliness.  The movie has some subtle but complex 3d video editing tricks. Look for them 😀

Wasp Gyrocopter

A small gyrocopter with saddlebags! While I had created the saddlebags special for the helicopter, the saddlebags mod itself became one of the most popular mods in the entire game for a long time.


I created 4 variations of the chinook helicopter. One was the traditional military heli, the other a rescue heli, and the third a sort of rich mobster helicopter. The fourth was done by request — a sort of mad scientist variant.

Wasp Ultralight

The Wasp Ultralight is a small personal plane. It became the most popular mod in the game for a while mostly due to how practical and useful it was. It was also easy to fly.

Passenger Jets (Normal and Luxury)

These passenger jets were very well developed for player immersion. If you watch the videos you can see the interactive light-up elements on the cockpit as well as a working TV in the luxery jet.

Geebee Stunt Plane

The geebee stunt plane is based off of the early-model geebee. It was a fun project because the style of the plane naturally fit the game’s style with little modification.

Bunny Hopper and Shredder Dune Buggies

The bunny hopper and shredder dune buggies were based off an early 80’s remote control car I had wanted to get as a kid in the 80’s. It never happened, but rather inspired these loosely related racecars you see here.

Cessna Skyhawks – Land and Water Variants

The Cessna Skyhawk was a personal favorite of mine because I’ve flown them quite a bit in x-plane flight simulator. I worked extra hard on these to keep them clean and balanced for the game.

Sopwith Camel

Also made by request, the sopwith camel game mod is based on the early British war planes. If only I had a British person to narrate the video…

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