The Making of “Intro”

//The Making of “Intro”

The Making of “Intro”

“the cobbler’s children have no shoes”

That saying would often go through my mind when I looked at my home Illustration site in the past — at the time it was I have since moved it over to It was style-neutral, with no major risks taken in presentation.

Its almost required, however, that an artist have an attractive site that does give a stylized impression. At the time I was so busy producing content I never got the time to put a full investment of creativity into the real home site. With, however, I am adamant that the children should finally have some shoes.

One major project (though it took only a day, surprisingly) was to create a bit of a demo reel. I’ve taken a liking to animation and video so the reel came out fast. You can find it on the “Intro” page of this site, or just watch the reel below.

Dramatic and Creepy. Yes, it was intentional.

I’ve done too many years of cute stuff. Time to do the cool stuff. Dark, sci-fi, scary. That has been my aim lately. No more polished little glossy vector characters. Time for the slimy abominations that make your skin crawl.

The video is stuffed with retro-sci-fi references, and some spins on the atomic-age footage that, historically, is not far beyond the Roswel histeria. The video itself sets the mood for things to come: More robots, aliens, creatures, and game content.

While the video looks complex, it’s mostly blending tricks done with common add, subtract, multiply graphical manipulations, blurs, and transitions.

The static radio and TV effects play the greatest part in delivery, with the characters I’ve done in the past taking a secondary place in the dark scenes and effects.

Enjoy! There will be much more to come.

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