VRChat Kim Jong-un (Little Rocket Man) Avatar / Character

//VRChat Kim Jong-un (Little Rocket Man) Avatar / Character

VRChat Kim Jong-un (Little Rocket Man) Avatar / Character

I created an avatar for use in VRChat. Having tested him out extensively, I can assure you that he is quite an attention getter when you walk into a room with him. More than a few times people would huddle around my avatar laughing, shocked, appalled, offended, etc. It was funny. I had many laughs. Unfortunately, with all of the reactions I recorded, none are appropriate enough for my website/youtube feed’s audience.

Anyway, mission accomplished: The character works great. See video and product page referenced below.

The VRChat version of the character is a mechanim-standard-style rig. The rocket has smoke and sparks coming out of it in a calm eye-candy sort of way.

For those of you who are not experienced with uploading VRChat characters, it is quite easy. Follow the tutorial here:

  • https://vrchat.net/developer
  • https://docs.vrchat.com/

VRChat Character Little Rocket Man Quality

To see the quality of the Kim Jong-un avatar,  use the sketchfab inspector here:

As far as I know, he is a very light-weight character compared to most in VR chat, and should not bog down the game too much, or require too much time to download on other player’s systems.




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